In that moment,

any song could have been my favorite song

as I just breathed you in


Open your eyes.

My eyes are wide open.

You may have landed on my page in search of someone to put your mind and souls into frames.

One of the most importat things in photography is to keep my eyes open.

To always wonder, explore, look for new points of view.

And as I keep my eyes open, as I press the shutter button, I put your soul into frames.

My style...

... I would consider as moody, cinematic, authentic, emotional, autumnal - and real.

I want to take what I see and take it beyond that.

Real moments with a touch of magic.

Tunnelmallinen tutkielma rakkaudesta. Tampere,



And oh - hi!

My name is Minna.
Head in the clouds, funny (in my own opinion, at least), truly interested in people. And a professional wedding photographer.

In my photography I am most interested in emotions and connections - and how to get the most out of them. 
What can it do to the mood of the picture, if the sun is in that position? Or if I focus on shooting your hand motions? What about movement in photos, what kind of a story does that create? The possibilities are endless. I'm inspired by humans, but also thigns such as music and light.

I want to know about you as a human being - not just details about your wedding, but yourself. 

Many have told me that as a photographer I'm a professional, but still very laid-back, "it's like an old friend came to shoot the wedding". 

A pretty OK combination, I guess.

How does it work?

Let's get to know

Then - a booking

Time to shoot!

Send me an email, call me, or let's got out for

a coffee. Before making any decisions,

you can open up to me about your wishes and worries. I have no secrets!

If after the meeting you still have a feeling of

wanting me to shoot your important moments,

let's make a booking for your date.


For the whole process, I'm there for you, any time of the day. I want to make you feel as secure as possible.

You can ask me anything - there are no stupid questions.

And now the only thing left is to shoot!

Ota yhteyttä!